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Established in 1990 Hi-Goal Company has excelled in the field of footwear. Manufacturing and exporting its products worldwide with special target markets in Europe, North America, Middle East, Russian and Japan, the range is still growing. Hi-Goal Footwear Company doesn’t lacks a small a place in the group, with more then 120 shoemakers at work each day, fulfilling the production demands for brands worldwide, Hi-Goal brings out eminence in products.

Hi-Goal Company produces a variety of footwear that includes Boxing Shoes, French Boxing Shoes, Martial Arts Shoes, Kung Fu Shoes, Ninja Shoes, Gymnastic Shoes, Weight Lifting Shoes, Fighting Shoes, Wrestling Shoes, Soccer Shoes, Dancing Shoes, Car Racing Shoes, Motorbike Shoes and Working Shoes. Strict Quality Control standards, better product class has brought up Hi-Goal to a superior platform.

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